Validus is a full service project management firm. Our Project Managers provide services through all phases of a project from inception to closure. At Validus our main goal is to take ownership of your project as if it were ours to begin with.

Summary description of services per phase:


  • Help to establish clear goals and objectives using input from all stakeholders
  • Conduct feasibility studies with analytical tools and enlisting contractors' expertise
  • Produce potential multi-year renovation alternatives to help plan funding for future projects


  • Help establish and define roles and responsibilities for all groups and teams involved
  • Obtain approval from owners/stakeholders and establish project funding procedures
  • Conduct kick off conference call or on site meeting (calls could occur weekly until closure)


  • Create a statement of work using input from clients, designers, architects, and engineers
  • Perform cost and schedule decomposition and establish guidelines and specifications
  • Produce a bid package for contractor requests for proposals


  • Obtain three separate contractor proposals and clearly present the results to clients
  • Negotiate on behalf of the client to get the highest and best value
  • Strictly screen vendors and hire contractors based on specialization and expertise


  • Track and distribute weekly project performance reports
  • Manage changes and obtain proper levels of approval
  • Schedule and perform project site visits for progress validation and quality control


  • Verify final product deliverables and obtain formal acceptance
  • Conduct full administrative and contract closure
  • Deliver a detailed overall project report including before and after photos

To get more details on our process feel free to contact us anytime. Besides our project management service we provide a contractor referral service. Click on Contractor Database for more information.